Purple flowers & French braids, my hairstyle today

Hello friends,

     I love these purple flowers that are blooming so beautifully in our yard, and they are the perfect background for pictures.  My hairstyle today is a French braid on either side of a smooth center section, and a big braided bun.  I pulled on the edges of my French braids to give them a full, loose look.  Thank you for visiting my blog!


No filter needed~ just naturally black-and-white against the evening sky

Simple beauty

My favorite corner of our yard (well, one of my favorite corners :-)

Rainy Day Updo

Hi friends,

     It rained all day today, so I stepped outside underneath the eave of our roof to take hair pictures.  My updo is basically a rope waterfall braid combined with a lace rope braid and a rope braid bun.  I started out with the waterfall braid and made up my hairstyle as I went along.  I added a chic hairband for some extra interest :-)
     Thank you for following!  I hope you are safe & happy, wherever you are in the world <3



Pull-Through Rapunzel Braid

Hello everyone,

     Animal print meets Rapunzel was my look for today.  I love pull-through braids.  This was my first time to make a sideways pull-through Rapunzel braid.  I started on one side of my head and brought my braid around and over my shoulder.  I love how my braid can be seen from the front view, instead of staying hidden behind my back.
     Thank you so much for following my hair posts, I love sharing with you.  Have a beautiful week, my dear friends <3




Instagram~ When you wear your hair like a flower lei :-) <3


Morning Sunshine Mohawk

Hi everyone,

     It is funny to admit that this hairstyle is actually one of the fastest ways for me to fix my hair.  I just start at the top and twist and clip my way down to the bottom.  Maybe one day I can do a YouTube video on how to create this hairstyle for super long hair :-)
     Thank you for coming by to see my new pictures!  I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful weekend.

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